Flowers For Special Occasions

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Birthday Flowers

January – carnation

February – violet

March – daffodil

April –daisy

May – lily of the valley

June –  rose

July – larkspur

August – gladiolus

September –aster

October – marigold.

November – chrysanthemum.

December – holly


Anniversary Flowers

Anniversary celebrations began in medieval times when people celebrated 25 and 50 years of marriage. A husband would crown his wife with a wreath of silver for 25 years and of gold for 50.

The tradition of gold and silver wedding anniversaries has stuck, but there is now a long list of other named anniversaries to accompany them. Each represents a different facet of the couple’s commitment, the stage their relationship is at and the number of years they have been together.

1st anniversary: Paper/Associated Flowers: Carnations / Pansies
2nd anniversary: Cotton/Associated Flowers: Cosmos

3rd: anniversary: Leather/Associated Flowers: Fuchsias
4th anniversary: Linen/Associated Flowers: Geraniums
5th anniversary: Wood/Associated Flowers: Daisies
6th anniversary: Iron/Associated Flowers: Calla Lillies
7th anniversary: Wool/Associated Flowers: Jack-in-the-Pulpit
8th anniversary: Bronze/Associated Flowers: Clematis

9th anniversary: Pottery/Associated Flowers: Poppies
10th anniversary: Tin/Associated Flowers: Daffodils
11th anniversary: Steel/Associated Flowers: Morning Glory

12th anniversary: Silk/Associated Flowers: Peonies
13th anniversary: Lace/Associated Flowers: Hollyhocks
14th anniversary: Ivory/Associated Flowers: Dahlias
15th anniversary: Crystal/Associated Flowers: Roses
20th anniversary: China/Associated Flowers: Day Lillies
25th anniversary: Silver/Associated Flowers: Iris

28th anniversary: Orchids/Associated Flowers: Orchids
30th anniversary: Pearl/Associated Flowers: Sweet Pea

40th anniversary: Ruby/Associated Flowers: Nasturtiums
50th anniversary: Gold/Associated Flowers: Violets
55th anniversary: Emerald                                        

60th anniversary: Diamond
70th anniversary: Platinum
75th anniversary: Diamond                              


If your wedding anniversary flower is unavailable speak to your local florist for alternatives.