Flowers And Their Meanings

Acacia – Secret love
Achillea – Healing & comfort
Amaryllis – You are sought after
Aster – Symbol of love – Daintiness
Azalea – Take care of yourself for me, Temperance, Fragile Passion
Bachelor Button – Single blessedness
Begonia – Beware
Bells of Ireland – Good luck
Bluebell – Humility
Withered Flowers – Rejected love
Camellia – Admiration, Perfection, Good luck, Gift to a man
Camellia (Pink) – Longing for you
Camellia (Red) – You’re a flame in my heart
Camellia (White) – You’re adorable
Carnation (General) – Fascination, Woman love
Carnation (Pink) – I’ll never forget you
Carnation (Red) – My heart aches for you, Admiration
Carnation (Purple) – Capriciousness
Carnation (Solid Color) – Yes
Carnation (Striped) – No, Refusal, Wish I could be with you
Carnation (White) – Sweet and lovely, Innocence, Pure love, Woman’s good luck gift
Carnation (Yellow) – You have disappointed me, Rejection
Chrysanthemum (General) – You’re a wonderful friend, Cheerfulness and rest
Chrysanthemum (Red) – I Love You
Chrysanthemum (White) – Truth
Chrysanthemum (Yellow) – Slighted love
Convolvulus – Tender affection
Crocus – Cheerfulness
Daffodil – Regard, Unrequited Love, You’re the only one
Daisy – Innocence, Loyal love, Purity
Dead Leaves – Sadness
Fern – Magic, Fascination, Confidence, Shelter
Fern – Maidenhair – Secret bond of love
Forget-Me-Not – True love, Memories
Gardenia – You’re lovely, Secret love
Geranium – Stupidity, Folly
Gladioli – Give me a break, I’m sincere
Grass – Submission
Holly – Defense, Domestic happiness
Hyacinth (General) – Games and sports, Rashness
Hyacinth (Blue) – Constancy
Hyacinth (Purple) – I am sorry, Forgive me, Sorrow
Hyacinth (Red or Pink) – Play
Hyacinth (White) – Loveliness, I’ll pray for you
Hyacinth (Yellow) – Jealousy
Iris – Your friendship means so much to me, Faith, Hope, Wisdom & Valor, My compliments
Ivy – Wedded love, Fidelity, Friendship, Affection
Larkspur – Fickleness
Lily (Orange) – Hatred
Lily (White) – Virginity, Purity, Majesty, It’s heavenly to be with you
Lily (Yellow) – I’m walking on air, False & gay
Lily (Calla) – Beauty
Lily (Day) – Coquetry
Lily (Eucharis) – Maiden charms
Lily (Tiger) – Wealth, Pride
Lily-of-the-Valley – Sweetness, Tears of the Virgin Mary, Humility, Return to Happiness, You’ve made my life complete
Magnolia – Nobility
Marigold – Cruelty, Grief, Jealousy
Mistletoe – Kiss me, Affection, To surmount difficulties,
Narcissus – Egotism, Formality, Stay as sweet as you are
Orchid – Love, Beauty, Refinement, Beautiful lady
Orchid (Cattleya) – Mature charm
Palm Leaves – Victory and success
Peony – Shame, Gay life, Happy marriage
Petunia – Resentment, Anger, Your presence soothes me
Poppy (General) – Eternal sleep, Oblivion, Imagination
Poppy (Red) – Pleasure
Poppy (White) – Consolation
Poppy (Yellow) – Wealth, Success
Primrose – I can’t live without you
Primrose (Evening) – Inconsistency
Rose (Bridal) – Happy love
Rose (Damask) – Persian ambassador of love
Rose (Dark Crimson) – Mourning
Rose (Hibiscus) – Delicate beauty
Rose (Leaf) – You may hope
Rose (Pink) – Perfect happiness, Believe me
Rose (Tea) – I’ll remember always
Rose (Thornless) – Love at first sight
Rose (White) – Innocence and purity, I am worthy of you, You’re heavenly, Secrecy & silence
Rose (White & Red) – Unity, Flower emblem of England
Rose (White-dried) – Death is preferable to loss of virtue
Rose (White-withered) – Transient impression, Fleeting beauty, You made no impression
Rose (Yellow) – Decrease of love, Jealousy, Try to care
Rosebud – Beauty and youth, A heart innocent of love
Rosebud (Red) – Pure and lovely
Rosebud (White) – Girlhood
Rosebud (Moss) – Confessions of love
Roses (Full Bloom) – Gratitude
Roses (Single Full Bloom) – I love you, I still love you
Snapdragon – Deception, Gracious lady
Sweetpea – Good-bye, Departure, Blissful pleasure, Thank you for a lovely time
Tulip (General) – Perfect lover, Fame, Flower emblem of Holland
Tulip (Red) – Believe me, Declaration of love
Tulip (Variegated) – Beautiful eyes
Tulip (Yellow) – There’s sunshine in your smile
Violet – Modesty
Violet (Blue) – Watchfulness, Faithfulness, I’ll always be true
Violet (White) – Let’s take a chance on happiness